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Seeking Veterinarians

Hello and thank you for inquiring about our non-anesthetic dental service program.

We have specialized in this form of prophylaxis for the last 8 years and have treated thousands of cats and dogs. We have learned through this experience that regular dental care significantly reduces the risks of Gingivitis and Periodontal disease.

Some pets need greater care than what can be offered through tradition anesthetic teeth cleaning services. As you know, anesthesia can be hard on all of the organs and there is a risk of death or complication due to the anesthetic.

We have learned that some pets require monthly care and those pets usually come to us already in stage 2 periodontal disease and just need to be kept clean. Some pets may also have murmurs and others illnesses that prevent them from going under anesthesia. We have a system that is proven to work and its just a matter of time before the world catches on.

Please keep an open mind to this service as it may sound impossible it in fact is not. Most pets are very comfortable during the procedure and if we find they are not then we can offer a light sedative with permission from the pet owner.

You are most likely here because you are interested in learning more and may be seeking employment with us. You are in the right place! We need DVM’s who are committed to helping us combat periodontal disease in pets. Currently we have full and part time positions available at competitive pay rates. This service can only operate with your help so please fill out the information below and we will contact you to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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