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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book an appointment?


Q. Will it hurt?

A. All dental cleanings can feel a bit uncomfortable at times but no more uncomfortable than when you have your own teeth cleaned by your hygienist. Even that level of comfort may vary form person to person just as it may vary from pet to pet. We are always aware of your pet’s comfort level and may offer breaks if we can see that your pet is becoming sore or showing signs of discomfort. If you pet is crying, extra wiggly or aggressive we may offer sedation with your permission to keep you pet calm for the dentas so we may achieve the best results for your pet’s oral health.


Q. Do you use Novocain on my pet’s gums?

A. No. Most pets tolerate the cleaning without any noticeable pain. If we notice any signs of pain, we stop the dental request permission to offer sedation to allow your pet get through the procedure free of pain.


Q. Do you use fluoride on my pet’s teeth?

A. No, we use a holistic paste made with essential oils.


Q. Can you tell me how frequently my pet should be seen for a dental cleaning?

A. Not without first seeing your pet and knowing your pet’s medical history and existing oral health. We also would need to do an initial cleaning to establish a point of reference for future cleanings.


Q. How do you do it?



Q. Is there any recovery time?

A. Only if your pet is sedated will there be some recovery time. The on-site DVM usually suggests letting your pet sleep off the sedative. Do not try to walk them or allow them near any other animals until they are fully recovered. Recovery time may vary from pet to pet.


Q. How good of a cleaning is it?

A. The dental cleaning we provide is very thorough, in fact identical to any dental cleaning service provided under anesthesia. We clean all surfaces/aspects of each tooth, even the ones you can’t see. We remove all of the plaque and tartar and use a machine polisher to smooth out the surface of the enamel.


Q. Do you provide X-Rays?

A. We do not because we believe that most of the pathology is visible, however, from time to time we do refer our pets for X-Rays and emergency dental services with their regular DVM if our DVM finds something of concern that is beyond our scope.


Q. So why do Animal Hospitals charge so much for a cleaning?

A. We can not answer for why animal hospitals charge so much much but we can only assume that there is a lot more involved thus the additional fees. Often they will charge for the following: Office visit/exam, X-Rays, Anesthesia, Intubation, I.V., Pain Medication, Extractions, The cleaning, Antibiotics and on and on depending on the nature of the service. Operating an animal hospital is very expensive.


Q. Does my pet need antibiotics before/after treatment?

A. At SCPD we believe that the use and over use of antibiotics is harmful to your pet. That being said, we do not usually recommend the use of antibiotics unless there is severe infection and that is a call that the on-site DVM will make and prescribe accordingly.


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