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Pricing for all locations

(As of June, 2019)

(In some cases, we may require a deposit.  See Terms & Conditions below.)


First Time Clients – $200 (Approximate Duration – 30-45 minutes)

Monthly after First Time/Last Visit – $40 (at locations offering this service) (Approximate Duration – 15 – 20 minutes)

Bi-Monthly after First Time/Last Visit – $70 ($10 Savings, at locations offering this service) (Approximate Duration – 20 minutes)

Quarterly after First Time/Last Visit – $105 ($15 Savings) (Approximate Duration – 20-30 minutes)

4 Months after First Time/Last Visit – $140 ($20 Savings) (Approximate Duration – 30)

5 Months after First Time/Last Visit – $175 ($25 Savings) (Approximate Duration – 30-45 minutes)

6 to 11 Months after First Time/Last Visit – $185 ($55 to $255 Savings) (Approximate Duration – 30-45 minutes)

12 months or greater after First Time/Last Visit – $250 ($230 and up Savings) (Approximate Duration – 45-60 minutes)

Additional fees that may apply

Heavy Tartar Fees (To be assessed at the time of service)- $25-$50

Extractions(To be assessed at the time of service) – $35 per tooth

Sedation(To be assessed at the time of service) – $35 per pet

*Duration or amount of teeth has no bearing on price, durations may vary.


Senior humans(65 years plus) and Military discounts at $5 off for each pet, on each service beginning January 1, 2020.

**Discounts may not be combined! EX:Quartely $105 -$5 = $100 6 to 11 months $185 -$5 = $180 First Time – $200 -$5 = $195

*Acceptable forms of payment: Check, Cash, debit or credit (most major cards) Only. No Care Credit. **Pay in cash and receive $5.00 off your total bill!

*Prices are subject to change.

***All pricing is based off of the month, not the day of the month, since clinics are held on different dates of each month at each location.

EXAMPLE: If your last visit was on August 13th 2014 and your next visit is August 1st 2015 that is considered one year.

South Coast Pet Dentals, Inc.

Terms & Conditions (Regarding deposits taken upon booking)

1.You are responsible for remembering your appointment. (So long as you have provided SCPD, Inc. with the correct information, we do send you an initial confirmation email. 3 days prior to your appointment, you will receive a text and email reminder.)

2. See pricing before booking your appointment. (Keep in mind, actual price varies depending on your pet’s last visit with us. If you are uncertain when we saw your pet last, please call us at (858) 752-9778. We keep excellent records.)

3. We require 48 hours notice for all reschedules & cancellations.

4. Deposits are non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours or less of your appointment time.

5. Your deposit will be applied to your balance.

6. If South Coast Pet Dentals, Inc. asks to change your appointment time/day and they are unable to accommodate you outside of the 48 hours cancellation policy, your deposit will be applied towards your next visit. If you choose to cancel the appointment at that time, you will be refunded the full amount of your deposit.

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What are monthly charges?

Monthly charges are based on each month that goes by because calculus builds up over time which creates more work thus a higher charge. We encourage you to book your maintenances according to our recommendations.

What is your cancellations policy?

Cancellations Policy – Please allow 48 hours notice for cancelling an appointment. If you fail to do so, your appointment may require a 50% deposit for future bookings. This deposit requirement will go away after one successful booking.

What if the appointment I wanted is already booked?

Appointments are first come, first serve, so book in advance to secure your appointment.

Is the cost for the veterinarian supervision and exam included in the price ?

Yes, a Veterinarian is present and will be supervising each dental. We will document and report all findings to you either verbally, via email or both. If sedation or extractions are performed then extra charges will apply but only with consent. Please see pricing.

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