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What our customers say

  • Won't have anyone but Aaron do my dogs teeth Thanks to Dr Spade for administering an oral sedative that Aaron recommended last time to make the cleaning easier for my dog and for Aaron!
  • Best doggie dentist I know. Aaron thanks so much for keeping out pets healthy with clean sparkling teeth.
  • We've recommended SCD to all our friends and neighbors. Great doctors and caring staff. Dogs and cats have had teeth cleaned there, and they always are gentle and patient.
  • We love the dental care provided for our little kitty cat, Winston. Aaron, thoroughly explained the procedure done to Winston. Thank you SO much. -Big sis Veronica.
  • They were kind and professional from the moment we walked in. I felt like they cared about my dog.
  • I've been taking Sproutie to Southcoast pet dentals for about 9 years.  Aaron and Dr. Danielle are wonderful.  They efficient with the cleaning and always so gentle.    -Jackie

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New Clients: What you can expect when we meet with you and your pet


Step One, Check-In

The Dr. will check you in and collect information on you and your pet. The Dr. or technician may have a quick look in your pet’s mouth to assess the build up and then walk your pet back to the work station.

Step Two, The Cleaning Process

The technique will depend on the size of the dog but usually starts out with a quick greeting and warming up to your pet. Next, the technician will choose a technique comfortable for your pet. The Technician will then begin the cleaning by gently holding the muzzle while hand-scaling the teeth. This is where heavy calculus build up is removed. For pets with areas that require a deeper cleaning or for stubborn tartar, an ultrasonic scaler is used (Only on those pets that can tolerate it.) This tool helps to vibrate away tartar while rinsing with water in areas that are difficult to clean with a traditional hand-scaler and is very effective at cleaning above and below the gum-line.

Step Three, Polish & Rinse

Once calculus and plaque are removed from all surfaces of the teeth, your pet is ready for the final stages of the cleaning. Your pet’s teeth are then machine polished with an all organic paste safe for cats and dogs. Finally, your pet will receive an organic oral rinse to kill off any bacteria remaining along the gum-lines. The entire process may take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour (or more in rare cases, depending on many variables.)

Information for “First Time” clients While most first-time dentals can be completed in less than 30 minutes, some dentals can take up to 1 hour or more and there is no recovery time for your pets! The on-sight Veterinarian may offer a sedative for those pets that exhibit signs of stress or try to bite. The type of sedative that we offer is in the form a shot and is injected into the muscle. Sedation may last for approximately 1 to 2 hours or longer for larger or heavier pets.

Professional Machine Polish It’s important to note that all dental scalings are followed up with a machine polish to ensure your pets teeth and gums stay healthier longer. If you are using another service be sure to ask if they are using a machine polisher. If they are not then you are not receiving a complete service and may want to consider trying our service.

How do I know if my pet if my pet needs an anesthetic dental? Though we do not offer anesthetic dentals, we do believe there is a need for them under emergency circumstances such as major oral surgeries due to abscesses, fractures or loose Canines and Molars. Such situations can be evaluated by our on-site DVM at no extra charge and recommendations will be made usually during the “First Time” cleaning.

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