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Booking Instructions

Please see pricing before you book your appointment!

1.) Select your service

If you are a new client please select “First Time”.

If you are a returning client please select the service according to your last visit. If you are unsure of when your last visit was, please select what you think it is and we will correct/confirm it when you come in.

2.) Select your location (please allow up to 1 minute to populate)

Here is the link to all locations we service. Please make your payment at time of service. We accept cash, check or credit (all major credit cards).

3.) Your info: Login with your Facebook or Google login or enter your information.

4.) Confirm (To confirm, scroll down) Click “Confirm”

5.) In the notes/comments of appointment booking: For each additional pet, please provide pet name, weight, female spayed or intact or male neutered or intact, weight and age.

Cancel or Reschedule Instructions

1.) Locate your confirmation email

2.) Open your confirmation email

3.) Locate these words to right of email “Reschedule” or “Cancel”.

4.) Select either “Reschedule” or “Cancel” then follow prompts.


If you prefer to book your appointment via phone, please contact “Aaron” at South Coast Pet Dentals 858-752-9778